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San Diego Chargers: Surprises on Roster Cut Day

Good luck, Hester. You'll be missed.
Good luck, Hester. You'll be missed.

You followed along as we announced all of the San Diego Chargers roster cuts earlier today. Now, let's talk about the surprises.

  • Jacob Hester GONE - Sure, he only came back to the team when he couldn't get a starting job elsewhere, but he was the special teams captain last year. Now the team loses their two best special teams players (Hester and Mike Tolbert) in one offseason. Scary thought after what happened in 2010 with the loss of Kassim Osgood.
  • Richard Goodman STAYS - A man that was not expected to made the team, but he did. In the end, our poll didn't matter as Goodman won with the coaching staff. It doesn't mean he'll be around for the Raiders game in a week in a half, but it's a good sign for him.
  • Mario Henderson and Anthony Davis GONE - Logic dictated that these guys were competing for a spot, but now they're both gone the spot seems empty. In fact, going along with a roster that only has 3 OTs is nuts. This is a simply sign that A.J. Smith thinks he can upgrade from Henderson/Davis with the newly-released guys.
  • Jackie Battle and Curtis Brinkley STAY - Again, the thought was that these two guys were fighting for 1 roster spot. Instead, they all get to stay. There must be some real concern about Ronnie Brown for that to happen.
I get the feeling that this team is going to look very different next Friday, but for now it is still a solid roster.