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Bolts & Dolts: Chargers at 49ers (Preseason)

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Norv is not impressed.
Norv is not impressed.


Ronnie Brown - 5 carries, 25 rush yds, 2 catches, 19 rec yds

What did I say? That, to feel confident going into the season, Brown needed to get about 35 yards off 6 or so touches. 7 touches, 44 yards. Good job, Ronnie.

Andrew Gachkar - 8 tackles, 1 sack
He did this last year too, waiting until the last game of the preseason to show that he is actually a solid MLB project because he has great tackling form.

Bront Bird - 4 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception
That's a nice line. Doubt he makes the team, though.

Aaaaand that's all the Bolts. Seriously. I could throw in Antonio Gates, but he had an ugly fumble. I could include Philip Rivers, but he had an ugly interception.


Richard Goodman - 3 catches, 23 rec yds
Needed a big game. Had chances. Didn't get it done.

Micheal Spurlock - 2 catches, 19 yards
2 catches when the ball was thrown to him 7 times? Not good. He even got chewed out on the sidelines a little bit by Norv. He'll stick around, but that was his fourth best game of the preseason.

And everyone else. All the RBs not named Ronnie Brown. The QBs not named Rivers. Every offensive lineman. Most of the entire defense. I won't list them all out.

They played a meaningless game like it was a meaningless game. Good/bad for them.

Bolts and Dolts should be more fun next week.