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San Diego Chargers: Predicting the Final 22 Roster Cuts

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Not the best tackling form.
Not the best tackling form.

Today is the most important day of the offseason/preseason for every single NFL franchise. Today is the day when General Managers and coaching staffs around the league are arguing over which player should make the final 53 man active roster and which ones shouldn't.

22 men need to be cut from the San Diego Chargers roster, or put on Injured-Reserve, to get them down to 53. After the jump, I'll give you my best guess on who gets the ax today.

  • Colin Baxter, C
  • Arthur Hobbs, CB
  • De'Andre Presley, CB
  • Logan Harrell, DE
  • Jacques Cesaire, DE
  • Damik Scafe, DE
  • Sean Cattouse, FS
  • Nick Novak, K
  • Bront Bird, LB
  • Ricky Elmore, LB
  • Charlie Bryant, OT
  • Robert Malone, P
  • Jarrett Lee, QB
  • Edwin Baker, RB
  • Jackie Battle, RB
  • Anthony Davis, OT
  • Stephen Schilling, OT
  • Kory Sperry, TE
  • Richard Goodman, WR
  • Mike Willie, WR
  • Demorrio Williams, LB Darryl Gamble, LB
  • Greg Gatson, CB
Yikes. I don't like that very much at all.

I had to cut them down to 5 WR and hope that there's someone as good as Willie available after the team puts Brown on IR next week.

Cutting Gatson is scary because of the lack of depth and the surplus of injuries at that position, plus I like what I've seen from him the last couiple of weeks.

The team went out of their way to get Demorrio Williams, the same way they did with Corey Lynch and Micheal Spurlock, so he could stay (Editor's Note: I added Williams back into the final 53). I just think his injuries have hurt him too much.

What do you guys think? Who would you take off my list and who would you replace them with?