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Chargers vs. 49ers: Five Non-Starters To Watch

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Back-up Head Coach Philip Rivers has something to prove this preseason.
Back-up Head Coach Philip Rivers has something to prove this preseason.
True, tonight's matchup between the San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers is meaningless to the fans and many of the players, but there are few who have more riding on this game than most of us can imagine. Here are a few of those guys.


Hard to list just one here. It sounds like the "top 4" cornerbacks will be seeing little to no time in this game, due to injuries and a genuine concern for the lack of depth at this position. It's very possible that, after putting Vincent Brown on IR next week, the San Diego Chargers could sign a 5th CB until the top 4 guys can get healthier.

Arthur Hobbs, Greg Gatson, and De'Andre Presley will all get a chance to show off their skills and maybe be the 5th CB on the roster when the Bolts head into Oakland in Week 1.

Mario Henderson

Henderson's biggest accomplishment this preseason has been that he showed up in shape, stayed healthy and hasn't screwed anything up. He'll need to continue doing the last two things, while seeing lots and lots of minutes, to be safe from cuts tomorrow.

Jackie Battle

The team likes Curtis Brinkley, that much is sure. Maybe it's the idea that if they chose Battle over Brinkley, and Ronnie Brown got hut, there'd be nobody left to catch the ball out of the backfield? Either way, Battle is going to need a very impressive game to get the fans on his side against the axe that's hanging over his head.

Richard Goodman

Goody has spent a good amount of his third preseason sidelined with an injury, which is a shame because he could've had a real shot to become a part of the offense. Instead, Michael Spurlock has rocketed himself up the depth chart with those opportunities, and is being looked at as an improvement over Goodman. Unless he shows himself to be a weapon that the team can't live without, either on offense or special teams, Richard will probably spend 2012 on a different NFL team.

Ronnie Brown

He goes last because he has the least to prove. However, after looking great in early practices, Brown and the rest of the running backs have done nothing but create reason for panic amongst the fans and coaching staff about the running game. If he could even have a good quarter, something like 6 touches for 35 yards total, it would relieve a lot of stress about if that position needs to be temporarily upgraded until Ryan Mathews comes back from a broken clavicle.