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Chargers vs. 49ers: TV Schedule and Radio Info

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Get ready for lots of Jarrett Lee.
Get ready for lots of Jarrett Lee.

The San Diego Chargers travel to San Francisco tonight for their final preseason game. The next time we'll see any of them on a football field will be in a week and a half(!) against the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football.

People watching the Southern California broadcast will once again get commentary by Dan Fouts and Billy Ray Smith. Here are the channels where you can find them:

KFMB 8 (CBS; San Diego)
KCAL 9 (Los Angeles)
KLAS 8 (CBS; Las Vegas)
KBFX 58 (FOX; Bakersfield)
KKFX 11 (FOX; Santa Barbara)

You can also come watch the game with staff members and readers of BFTB alike, as we travel to a pub downtown to eat hats and enjoy libations.

Those who prefer to listen on the radio, or will be stuck in a car that doesn't have satellite television in it, the game can be found in its usual spots:105.3FM or 1360AM, for those that prefer a grainier sound quality.

Game time is 7:00 PM PT.