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Around The AFC West: Preseason Week 4

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OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 18:  Calvin Johnson #81 of the Detroit Lions is tackled by Stanford Routt #26 of the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum on December 18, 2011 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 18: Calvin Johnson #81 of the Detroit Lions is tackled by Stanford Routt #26 of the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum on December 18, 2011 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Denver Broncos

The big news this week is that Peyton Manning's neck didn't explode. Following their loss to the San Francisco 49ers, there was one key story to come out of Denver: Peyton Manning seems to be ready for the regular season.

The first sign was Peyton Manning getting hit hard by 49ers linebacker Parys Haralson, and surviving. He was actually taken off the ground and then slammed down back-first.

Manning's neck survived the collision and he got back up just fine and threw a touchdown pass on the very next play. That's the second sign to come out of the game: Manning threw his first touchdown as a Denver Bronco. And the third sign? He seems able to throw the deep ball just fine as he made a 38-yard completion too.

Even though the Broncos lost the game in the end, Manning led the Broncos out to a 17-0 lead in the first half against San Francisco's first-string defense.

As far as roster moves this week, the Broncos cut 12 players to get their roster down to 75. They include:

  • LS Lonie Paxton
  • LB Elliot Coffey
  • WR Mark Dell
  • WR Cameron Kenney
  • TE Anthony Miller
  • DE Cyril Obiozor
  • RB Xavier Omon
  • DB Anthony Perkins
  • OT Mike Remmers
  • CB Ramzee Robinson
  • FB Austin Sylvester
  • G Austin Wuebbels

Nobody really jumps out at me on that list. Maybe Xavier Omon or Lonie Paxton.

The Broncos are going to try to finish out their preseason schedule with an even 2-2 record tonight in Phoenix against the Arizona Cardinals at 8:00PM PDT.

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Kansas City Chiefs

After a promising start to the preseason when they defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-17, the Kansas City Chiefs got trounced in St. Louis 31-17. Well, the trouncing continued this week as the Seattle Seahawks exploded for 37 points of offense (and 7 points on defense) to the Chiefs 14 points.

In fact, it was thanks to Russell Wilson's performance in the Chiefs game that put him over the edge and he was announced as the Seahawks' starting QB to start the season; beating out Matt Flynn.

One of the more amusing things to come out of that game is this GIF of Matt Cassel trying to celebrate his TD pass to Dexter McCluster. Ouch.

Brady Quinn was announced as the Chiefs' backup quarterback, beating out Ricky Stanzi for the job. This doesn't come as much of a surprise as Quinn was the favorite for the job all along. Brandon Flowers is still injured but his foot is now out of a walking boot.

The Chiefs released 14 players this week to get down to the 75-player limit.

  • FB Shane Bannon
  • TE Tim Biere
  • LB Caleb Campbell
  • OL Justin Cheadle
  • DB Dominique Ellis
  • DB Jean Fanor
  • LB Dexter Heyman
  • OL Cam Holland
  • WR Jeremy Horne
  • DE Ethan Johnson
  • WR Brandon Kinnie
  • WR Zeke Markshausen
  • K Matt Szymanski
  • WR Aaron Weaver

The Chiefs, like the Broncos, will try to even out their preseason record tonight in Green Bay starting at 4:00PM PDT.

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Oakland Raiders

Oakland has been a bit quiet this preseason still. Kind of uncharacteristic of the Raiders, especially with all the changes going on up there.

The Raiders got their first win of the preseason last week with a 31-20 victory over the Detroit Lions. They also managed to beat up on the Lions quite a bit, making me nervous about the Chargers health coming out of the season opener in just under two weeks. Anyone remember 2009? *gulp*

Lions QB Matt Stafford left in the second quarter with an injury to his non-throwing hand when a helmet connected with his hand. Thankfully for Detroit, X-rays were negative and his hand should heal just fine. Oakland would go on to knock two of Detroit's CBs out of the game (Bill Bentley and Chris Houston) along with RB Kevin Smith, who left with an ankle injury. All injured Lions are expected to start the regular season game on September 9th.

Aside from that, the Raiders starting offense still didn't look very strong. Carson Palmer again looks inconsistent. He threw 2 INTs in the game and 0 TDs. Oakland didn't score until the second quarter when Darren McFadden scored a TD from the one-yard line. It wasn't until backup QB Terrelle Pryer went into the game against Detroit's scrubs did Oakland start to get success from the QB position.

So, it maybe the Chargers should start Charlie Whitehurst on Week 1 against the Raiders if they have hope in Rivers surviving the game. Maybe it's a little early to hit the panic button.

For cuts this week, the Raiders released the following 12 players:

  • LB Korey Bosworth
  • DE Mason Brodine
  • DE Wayne Dorsey
  • S Aaron Henry
  • CB Terrail Lambert
  • WR Thomas Mayo
  • WR DeAundre Muhammad
  • QB Kyle Newhall-Caballero
  • S Chaz Powell
  • FB Manase Tonga
  • FB Rashawn Jackson
  • OL Ed Wang

And you'll remember, Oakland was on the hunt for a return specialist, so they signed Chargers cast-off Roscoe Parrish. Offensive lineman Zach Hurd was waived to make room for Parrish. After signing Parrish, the Raiders picked up CB Coye Francies, cut from the Seattle Seahawks.

The Raiders head to Seattle tonight to take on the Seahawks and look to even their preseason record starting at 7:00PM PDT.

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