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Join the official BFTB Survivor Game

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The survivor game is super simple. Each week you pick one NFL team to win its game. You can only pick each team once all season. If your picked team loses you're out! Last man standing wins. The best part is the inevitable Week 1 bloodbath.

Small commitment, room for tons of players, zero room for error.

Link to the yahoo survivor site :

Group ID : 18099 / Password : thanksaj

You have until 5 minutes before the first game each week to make your pick for that week. The football season starts this year on the ridiculously early SEPTEMBER 5, a WEDNESDAY - don't get knocked out in week one because you didn't make a pick! The rest of the weeks are going to have Thursday games. Last year, Yahoo's cap was 100 players. If we hit that quickly, I'll open up a 2nd game.