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Bolts & Dolts: Chargers at Vikings (Preseason)

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Somehow, Charlie is still smiling.
Somehow, Charlie is still smiling.

Here's your weekly breakdown of which San Diego Chargers player had good games and which ones didn't.


Larry English - 4 tackles, 2 sacks
Larry is having an outstanding preseason and training camp. He feels the healthiest he's felt in years. He's yet to miss a game. It's almost surprising to see English get some good luck for once, but it could be the difference between a good pass rush and a dominant one in 2012.

Micheal Spurlock - 3 catches, 46 rec yards
Spurlock (who spells his first name in a nontraditional way) was having the second best camp of any of the Chargers WRs before Vincent Brown broke his ankle. Now, Spurlock is having the most impressive camp of any WR and has locked down the 4th WR spot until Brown gets back.

Nate Kaeding - 2/2 FGs (50 yds, 54 yds)
Although he was mostly absent from the first two Chargers preseason games, Kaeding showed up in the third with his steel-toed boots and the same perfect accuracy that we know so well. Although Nick Novak got to kick the game winner, Kaeding got to show everyone that he's added a new wrinkle (strength) to his kicking game.

Mike Willie - 2 catches, 42 rec yards
Willie and Taylor Embree were the WRs that I told you guys to watch out for, and between the two of them they ended up with 3 catches for 62 yards. These guys have some serious big-play potential, but Willie has shown a little more in the last two games than Embree has.

Donald Butler - 5 tackles
A freakish athlete that always seems to know where the play is going. Between him and Eric Weddle, the San Diego defense has the building blocks to be very good for a long time.

Corey Liuget - 3 tackles
I suppose this could've been Kendall Reyes, who was also good, but Liuget impressed me with how he was pushing around the Vikings starting offensive line. He could be demanding double-teams shortly.

Melvin Ingram - 1 sack, 2 QB hits
Boy, he looks a lot like Shawne Merriman as a rookie. Ingram is a natural pass-rusher, that kind that you find maybe once per draft (on a good year). Thank goodness his injury is just a thigh bruise.


Offensive Line - 6 sacks allowed, 2.8 yards per carry
That yards per carry was made better by a few crafty scrambles by Charlie Whitehurst. It was even worse than that. The running game had no holes to run through and the QBs were lucky to leave with their head still attached. Luckily, Tyronne Green, Nick Hardwick and Jared Gaither should all be back in time for the Week 1 game against the Raiders. Otherwise, it might be a little too scary to watch.

Richard Goodman - 2 targets, 0 catches
Now we can focus on one of the guys having a bad camp. Goody has struggled to stay healthy and hasn't done much on the field to convince the coaching staff that he's worth that 5th ot 6th WR spot. I know Norv likes him, but Spurlock is his equal (or better) on kick returns and the young guys mentioned above might be better WRs.

Atari Bigby - 1 tackle
Atari, ummm, might want to, uhhhh, get that whole biting-on-every-play-action thing under control sooner that than later. Especially since we now have what might be the best play-action QB in the history of the league in the division.