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Chargers Defeat Vikings, Ingram Leaves with Injury

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Get healthy, big guy.
Get healthy, big guy.

Continuing on with their current trend, the San Diego Chargers won their third straight preseason game but lost another major player to injury when first-round pick Melvin Ingram left with what's being called a thigh bruise. The injury occurred on a running play away from Ingram, but it appeared that the man blocking Ingram fell and his helmet connected with Melvin's thigh. He's projected to miss Thursday's game against the 49ers in San Francisco, but it looks like he'll be alright for Week 1 against Oakland.

The first half was exactly what most people feared, as the offensive line resembled swiss cheese and left Charlie Whitehurst running for his life. Rookies Mike Harris and David Molk looked like an undrafted free agent and a 7th round draft pick, giving up sacks and picking up penalties along the way.

On the positive side, the Chargers defense looked spectacular going against a none-too-scary Vikings offense that was missing Adrian Peterson. The pass rush was dominant, with sacks from Larry English (2), Melvin Ingram, Kendall Reyes and Jarret Johnson. The run defense was good enough, fueled by Corey Liuget and Aubrayo Franklin. The secondary was a little rough, but the only CB that played and is expected to make the team was Antoine Cason.

In the grand scheme of things, this was the best preseason game for the Bolts. There were no long-term injuries to starters, the kicking game got a work out and the team got an extended look at some players that might be on the bubble for Monday's roster cut.