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Fantasy Football: Which Chargers Players Should You Draft?

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Don't worry, Nate. You'll get your chance to kick at those goalposts.

Unfortunately, the BFTB audience has swelled to a point where it's an uncontrollable mass of confusion and venom. Therefore, we could only accommodate a few of you for our BFTB Fantasy Football leagues on Yahoo! this year. Those leagues have been filled up, but here is your chance to get organized and create a few of your own Yahoo! Fantasy Football league. Here's why you want to us Yahoo! over the other guys:

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Got it? Good. Let's move on. It's tough for fans of particular teams to avoid overvaluing the players from those teams. I'm here to tell you which Chargers players you should be drafting and which ones you shouldn't.

Philip Rivers - I keep getting asked by fans of other teams if they should take Rivers this year after he screwed over a bunch of fantasy teams last year. Despite having a worse WR corps and offensive line, the answer is yes. Why? Because Antonio Gates is back at full strength, which helps an incredible amount, and because you can probably get Rivers a round later than you did in last year's draft.

Last Year: 4,624 pass yards, 27 pass TDs, 20 INTs

Antonio Gates - This one should be obvious. Gates has been one of the top Fantasy TEs since coming into the NFL as an undrafted free agent, and he's healthier than he's been in years.

Last Year: 64 catches, 778 rec yards, 7 TDs

Malcom Floyd - Led the league last year in yards per reception. His stats are absurd whenever he plays, it's just the matter of if he can stay healthy. If you can get him late in your draft, he's a guy that could pay off huge. He could easily be a 1000 yd/10 TD guy.

Last Year: 43 catches, 856 rec yards, 5 TDs

Ryan Mathews - Probably would've been a Top 5 pick if he stayed healthy and had a strong preseason. Instead, there's questions about when he'll be able to get on the field. If you can scoop him up in the 3rd round or later, you have a guy that could put up MVP-like numbers for more than half the season.

Last Year: 1091 rush yds, 6 rush TDs, 455 rec yds

Le'Ron McClain - Last season, Mike Tolbert was trying to fill spots as the team's goal-line rusher and 3rd down RB. He was excellent at about half of that, and racked up 10 TDs along the way. McClain looks to be filling that role as goal-line weapon (in an offense that struggles to throw to WRs in goal line situations) and could put up similar numbers. You definitely won't have to use a high draft pick on him.

Last Year: 51 rush yds, 1 rush TD, 82 rec yds, 1 rec TD

There you go. Anyone else you want to grab (Robert Meachem, Eddie Royal, Ronnie Brown, DEF) is somewhat of an unknown. They could all certainly put up good numbers, but it's not as sure of a thing as the guys above.

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