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NFL Players Association Hates The San Diego Chargers

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This is what a Raiders fan looks like.  (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
This is what a Raiders fan looks like. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Editor's Note: This article is written in jest and is loaded with sarcasm. The NFLPA does not actually hate the San Diego Chargers.

So you may know that a little over a year ago there were some serious issues between the NFL Owners and the NFL Players was a pretty big deal. Hurtful things were said, lots of meetings happened, and eventually they resolved enough of their differences to have a season in 2011, which was fantastic. However, some hard feelings apparently still exist between the two sides. Particularly when it comes to the NFLPA and the San Diego Chargers.

The NFLPA hates the San Diego Chargers, and wants to see their season ruined...which is the only possible explanation for their denial of the NFL's latest proposal to add some clauses to the CBA. I'll tell you why after the jump.

The NFL Owners recently approved two clauses to amend the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and proposed those to the NFLPA for approval. Things didn't work out so well for that proposal. First:

The league voted in May to push the in-season trade deadline from Week 6 to Week 8 in hopes of giving teams more flexibility to make personnel moves.

This would have been nice, moving back the deadline would have benefitted teams by allowing them a couple more weeks in which they can make trades that result from needing to account for an injured player or just to spice up their roster. It's pretty self explanatory, so let's take a look at the next part of the proposal.

Clubs also would have been allowed to bring back one player who entered the regular season on injured reserve at some point during the year.

Wait, what? Boy, that sure would be nice right about now. So you're telling me that the team could place Vincent Brown on IR right now, use that roster spot for a healthy body that can actually run without crutches, and bring him back later in the season after his broken ankle had healed? Golly, where do I sign up? Enter the NFLPA...who hates the San Diego Chargers. There is no other explanation for it.

This clause was a great deal for teams, obviously, but was also a great deal for players. If a team decided to use this clause, it would essentially guarantee a full-year's salary for 54 essentially that's 32 more players getting a full season salary. That's a great deal for everyone. Maybe too good of a deal for some, like the Chargers. So DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA rejected the proposal. That's how much the NFLPA hates the Chargers.

Is it coincidence that the head of the NFLPA was at Chargers practice on the day when the proposal was turned down? Maybe...but I think it only confirms that DeMaurice Smith is a Raiders fan.