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BFTB After Dark: August 21, 2012

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Yes, too blurry, yes, maybe.
Yes, too blurry, yes, maybe.

So, after all that hub-bub from Kevin Acee about Jared Gaither needing to get back on the practice field to test his back, Gaither responded by saying that he wouldn't get back on the field until he was sure that he was 100 percent healthy. And then, coincidentally, Gaither was back on the practice field today. It looks like Kevin Acee has egg all over his face now, publicly criticizing Gaither's lack of motivation and bringing to light Jared's history with injury issues the day before Gaither got back to 100 percent.

I'm willing to bet that Acee will take a huge hit to his reputation around Chargers Park after this. Philip Rivers will no longer trust him because obviously he's only good at calling guys out for being injured right before they get healthy so it looks like he is the one responsible for the healthiness. A.J. Smith will make him park his reasonably-priced car out on the street instead of in the media parking lot. Hell, the U-T might fire him and replace him with the next Charlie Sheen-wannabe that walks past their building in Mission Valley (They love those guys). It's all downhill from here for the poor, poor Silver Fox. That's for sure.

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