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Tweets from Chargers Practice: Melvin Ingram Almost Dies

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"Hey, you. Come here. I'm gonna kill ya."
"Hey, you. Come here. I'm gonna kill ya."

Nothing soaks panties and tightens belts on the sidelines of an NFL training camp more than football brawls. The meaner and nastier, the better. There's a saying amongst coaches that goes something like "Training Camp hasn't officially gotten underway until a fight has broken out", but they're usually talking about between teammates. After a cordial day between the Chargers and Cowboys in yesterday's scrimmage, today's scrimmage got a little nasty.

After seeing the rest of the tweets, it was easy to figure that "Cowboys TE" was rookie Andrew Szczerba. Another tweet from Michael Gehlken says that Szczerba's helmet swing "just missed" hitting Ingram. Who knows what type of damage he may have caused had he connected, but it wouldn't have been very good.

Reports are that after the rookie TE's attempted murder (I kid), the rest of the Chargers defense put Szczerba on his back. On the next play, Quentin Jammer (who, I'm glad to say, is practicing after being injured on Saturday) laid out a Cowboys player on the goal line and kept the animosity high for a little while longer. Maybe this fight, and the team's response, is what the defense needed. Or maybe it changes nothing.