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Radio Interview: Kevin Acee on Darren Smith Show

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This interview, that I've yet to listen to, is of particular interest to me because of a tweet that Darren Smith himself retweeted after it was over. Here it is:

I voiced my doubt on Twitter about The Silver Fox using those words, and he tweeted me back to let me know that the tweet was a mischaracterization of what he said. Let us listen to the interview and determine for ourselves, shall we?

  • Darren Smith starts off strong, asking why, if Vincent Brown is "the best receiver on the team" , he was in the game in the second half. Acee's response is basically to say that, despite more than one guy in the locker room telling him that, Brown is not a #1 WR and was simply having the best camp of any WR.
  • When pushed further, Kevin gives a specific example on what Vincent Brown has left to learn. He uses the interception earlier in the game and explains how Vincent Jackson would've prevented the interception, then says "Philip Rivers should've known that (Brown is not Jackson)."
  • Acee mentions that maybe the Chargers should rest more of their star players for the rest of the preseason to prevent any more major injuries. Smith points out that the Patriots are doing exactly that tonight.
  • "I think you can trust in Norv Turner to make the offense go." That's been my point all along, KA.
  • Acee is stressing that the team is deep in "pass catchers", if not wide receivers.
  • Darren dances around asking about Plaxico Burress. Kevin sees what he's doing, laughs about it, and then says that the team will not be looking at free agents to replace Brown.
  • Kevin could see them make a play for a WR in-season, via a trade, if they decide that Brown won't be able to play at all in 2012.
  • Acee brings up the Luis Castillo situation, where the team kept a roster spot open for him for most of the season before having to put him on IR anyway. That's the one everyone's talking about. He also mentions when the team did it in 2009 with Nick Hardwick and he came back when he was needed most. Forgot about that one.
  • "You subscribe to the paywall, so I'm sure you read my column." That got a laugh out of Darren. I haven't read Acee's column on Gaither yet for this exact reason.
  • "It's time for Jared Gaither to get back on the field."
  • "I'm not saying that the team is saying he should be back right now, but they're saying he should be back right now."
  • "He's got a history of not getting out there as soon as his teams would like him to after an injury."
  • Acee goes on a rant about how the left side of the offensive line is all new (especially with Mike Harris) and they still need to gel. He mentions how it has affected Rivers already in the preseason. "This is a problem."
  • Kevin does say that the team thinks Gaither is okay to practice. "You're okay. You have to trust Dr. Chao. Let's give it a try. Let's go through individual drills or something like that."
  • See, that's different. That's not Acee saying that Gaither is faking it, that's Acee saying that Gaither hasn't even been willing to test his back out. THAT is how Jared earned the nickname "The Big Lazy".
  • "The Chargers think that he should be testing it. How's that?"
  • Despite the team being mum on what was heard back from the three specialists that Gaither has seen, Acee says "You haven't heard anything back from these specialists that says 'You can't go out there.'"
  • "There is going to be hell to pay if this guy doesn't play in the preseason." Wow, KA is getting heated. He's making it sound like the team might find a way to get out of that contract.
  • "People are going to be real, real angry and it's going to be a problem if this guy doesn't get on the field against San Francisco."
  • "I feel like this is a big deal and this guy, he has a history of this." Acee is firing cannons and laughing maniacally now.
  • "There have always been questions about if this guy has the desire."
  • Darren asks Kevin if the Chargers think Mike Harris is a suitable starting Left Tackle, if Gaither can't return. Kevin's response is basically "No", but what he actually says is that the team would have to expel a lot of effort into helping Harris.
  • "They've had worse than Mike Harris, I'll tell you that." Awww, Brandyn Dombrowski.