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BFTB After Dark: August 2, 2012

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Mating dance.
Mating dance.

I thought about doing a "Recap: First Week of Training Camp" post today, then realize that I should probably wait until tomorrow. That way we have a full week under our belts, and Friday seems more like a "recap the week" kind of day anyway. So, expect that tomorrow.

Early warning that I'll be doing my usual FanFest thing where I go by myself, pick a random seat in the shade, and tweet about everything that I see at practice until one of you BFTBers finds me and distracts me. Don't hesitate to come get your hand shook.

The same goes for anyone heading down to that show at the Casbah tonight (headlined by Murder By Death). There will be time in between bands and I will be bored, so go ahead and strike up a conversation about football with me.

Today's Posts:

Murder By Death - Good Morning, Magpie (via descendings)