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Open Thread: Cowboys at Chargers (Preseason), 1st Half

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In terms of importance, preseason games go like this:

  1. Game 3
  2. Game 2
  3. Game 4
  4. Game 1
If nothing, tonight's (locally blacked-out) game between the Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers will be of more importance than last week's game against the Packers. You can expect the starters on both sides of the ball to stay in longer than they did in that game (my guess is at least the entire 1st quarter) and young kids (like Mike Harris and Melvin Ingram) will be left on their own more often so that coaches can get a feel for how much they can trust them.

It should be fun, especially with the Cowboys struggling to put together an NFL-caliber offensive line.

You can follow along on 1360AM, and I'll be providing some play-by-play in the comments below once the game kicks off.