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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: August 16, 2012

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Gaither treading slowly in recovery |
Gaither was excused from Chargers Park this week to see a doctor. What developments came from it, if any, have not yet been released, the latest piece to an enigmatic puzzle.

Ryan Mathews likely out until October, doctor says -
"It takes six weeks for the bone to heal," Ghodadra said. "Even after you fix it with the clavicle plate and screws, the bone still has to heal, so you are looking at six weeks for that at minimum. Studies have shown 8.8 weeks is how long it takes for NFL players to get back from clavicle fractures."

Green hitting stride in Chargers camp |
Second-team quarterback Charlie Whitehurst has found the rookie often, taking advantage of Green's combination of size and speed that are a mismatch for defenders. There's a smoothness to Green's catching ability, locating and capturing the ball over shorter defenders when ease.

Cason, Chargers need a big year |
With the help of a nutritionist he pays to monitor and set his diet, Cason has gone organic and limited himself to chicken, fish and lean red meat. "I’m eating clean, right, healthy," he said. "That really helped with my endurance and mental focus." He says he’s stronger and definitely looks bigger in the arms and torso. Perhaps the improve endurance and clarity will help with the consistency he’s lacked.

Chargers playing it safe with Royal |
The veteran has been sidelined since the start of training camp but is steadily making strides in his recovery from a groin injury. On Monday, he continued, running well to the side during practice. The team isn't taking any chances.

Chargers GM A.J. Smith Discusses Ryan Mathews’ Injury - Brad Gagnon
Well, the first thing you’re always disappointed. The second thing is, you say, ‘Due to the circumstances, I can’t believe it.’ How he worked, incredible, bringing his game up in the offseason. I’m talking about every day, here all the time. The desire to practice. He really wants to be the best he can be. And on one carry, immediately, on a freak, on a pile-up — this is a violent game things can happen — it happens to him.

Bolts Brass Pleased About Development of Youngsters - Ricky Henn
The commonly held notion is that it takes a few years for NFL players to fully reach their potential. This season, the Chargers appear to have a couple of rookies that are the exception to the rule in Melvin Ingram and Kendall Reyes, who are expected to have an immediate impact. However, there is a strong core of young players from the three prior draft classes that are rounding into form and are expected to be major contributors for the Bolts this season.

Chargers' Cam Thomas faces child-support claim - Brent Schrotenboer
San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Cam Thomas is facing his third child-support case in eight months after San Diego County recently filed a lawsuit against him, court records show.

Film Room: Make or Break - Andy Benoit
Because teams build around winning the make-or-break moments, sub-packages are where coaches implement their schematic innovations. The schematic innovations are the vehicle of evolution. The improving athleticism of players might be the propelling force of football’s evolution, but the vehicles for that evolution are the innovative schemes.