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Updated Chargers 53-Man Roster Projection (Post-Preseason Game 1)

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Norv Turner watched that preseason game intensely with an eye towards his opening day roster. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE
Norv Turner watched that preseason game intensely with an eye towards his opening day roster. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

What can one preseason game do to change San Diego Chargers the roster projection? Not much, but it can change some. A week ago I gave you an initial projection of the 53 man roster. And here I am back again to fill in you in on any changes to that. The biggest issues facing the Chargers roster decisions right now are injuries. The ongoing injury to Jared Gaither. The return to health of Charlie Whitehurst. The broken clavicle of Ryan Mathews. The ailing Eddie Royal and Darrell Stuckey. And an injury to Antonio Garay that's kept him out of practice. How those injuries affect the roster can be found after the jump.


Starters: Philip Rivers

Backups: Charlie Whitehurst

Key Cuts: Jarrett Lee (PS)

Position Total: 2

Running Total: 2

Whitehurst is back at practice and Kevin O'Connell has already been cut. We are still assuming that the Chargers will attempt to sneak Lee on to the Practice Squad.

Running Backs

Starters: Ryan Mathews, LeRon McLain

Backups: Ronnie Brown, Jacob Hester, Curtis Brinkley

Key Cuts: Jackie Battle, Edwin Baker, Michael Hayes (PS)

Position Total: 5

Running Total: 7

Brinkley gets added to the roster as some Ryan Mathews insurance. He may not get carries or be active, but they need the depth in case one of the vets gets dinged up too. I'll leave the PS designation on Hayes for now, but fumbling in a preseason game when you're the undrafted FA and the other guy was a draft pick is not a good start.

Wide Receivers

Starters: Malcom Floyd, Robert Meachem

Backups: Eddie Royal, Vincent Brown, Micheal Spurlock

Key Cuts: Roscoe Parrish, Richard Goodman, Mike Willie, Taylor Embree (PS)

Position Total: 5

Running Total: 12

Only change here is to give the PS designation to Embree. Willie looks the part of an NFL wide receiver when you just look at him, but Embree is showing the goods on the field. Parrish and Goodman have yet to unseat Spurlock.

Tight Ends

Starters: Antonio Gates

Backups: Randy McMichael, Dante Rosario, Ladarius Green

Key Cuts: Kory Sperry

Position Total: 4

Running Total: 16

The more and more that we see a healthy Gates, the less you can like the team carrying both Rosario and McMichael. Still, both can stay for now.

Offensive Line

Starters: Jared Gaither, Tyronne Green, Nick Hardwick, Louis Vasquez, Jeromey Clary

Backups: Mike Harris, Colin Baxter, Rex Hadnot, Mario Henderson

Key Cuts: Stephen Schilling, David Molk (PS), Brandyn Dombrowski (IR)

Position Total: 9

Running Total: 25

Henderson sticks around at least until we know Gaither will be ready to start the season, Still some controversy here since many think Molk won't make it past other teams if he's ticketed to the PS. Baxter can't go on the PS, so you lose a player either way. It's an interesting, if tedious, dilemma.

Defensive Line

Starters: Corey Liuget, Antonio Garay, Vaughn Martin

Backups: Jacques Cesaire, Aubrayo Franklin, Cam Thomas, Kendall Reyes

Key Cuts: None

Position Total: 7

Running Total: 32

As far as I know, Garay can still make the opening game. If not, then Thomas becomes a starter. Also, if Garay is healthy Franklin goes back to being on the bubble.


Starters: Shaun Phillips, Takeo Spikes, Donald Butler, Jarret Johnson

Backups: Antwan Barnes, Melvin Ingram, Demorrio Williams, Jonas Mouton, Larry English

Key Cuts: Andrew Gachkar, Darryl Gamble, Bront Bird

Position Total: 9

Running Total: 41

Adding a RB means an extra cut. Gachkar is that guy because I think the team has enough guys on ST to make it through without him. That's just a guess though. He could be important enough to stick around.


Starters: Quentin Jammer, Antoine Cason

Backups: Shareece Wright, Marcus Gilchrist

Key Cuts: None

Position Total: 4

Running Total: 45

Still a scary situation with only 4 viable CBs. I don't really see any of the other guys in camp as PS candidates, but maybe one sticks around.


Starters: Eric Weddle, Atari Bigby

Backups: Brandon Taylor, Corey Lynch, Darrell Stuckey

Position Total: 5

Running Total: 50

No changes here, but Stuckey continuing to miss practices might become an issue.

Special Teams

Kicker: Nate Kaeding

Punter: Mike Scifres

Long Snapper: Mike Windt

Key Cuts: Nick Novak

The only controversy here is Kaeding vs. Novak. I'm inclined to believe the team still loves Kaeding until I'm proven otherwise.