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San Diego Chargers: Preseason Twitter Mailbag

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Stay healthy, big man.
Stay healthy, big man.

I suppose I shouldn't call these posts mailbags because there's no mail involved, but whatever. Here are questions that my Twitter followers tweeted at me this morning:

Aza_Villalobos asked: Why can't Vincent Brown get the opportunity he deserves? All he does is make plays.

A couple of reasons. The most obvious one is seniority. Outside of first round draft picks, wide receivers typically have to work their way up the depth chart. Vincent Jackson wasn't a starter until his third year in the league. Malcom Floyd had to wait until his fifth season to be a starter. Heading into his second season, Vincent Brown has already begun climbing the ranks, but leapfrogging guys is almost impossible.

Another reason is that we have no idea how Vincent Brown would perform throughout a season against starting CBs. We see him tear up nickel CBs and second-stringers in preseason games, but would he be as impressive matched up against someone like Darrelle Revis? Probably not.

ksneaks asked: How many sacks do you think Ingram can pull off?

This is heavily dependent upon injuries, both to Melvin Ingram and the guys ahead of him on the depth chart. I could envision a scenario where he gets 10+ sacks, but I think it's highly unlikely. The most realistic number is probably closer to 7 or 8, assuming that he stays healthy.

__japhyryder__ asked: biggest concerns for this season (off/def)?

On the offensive side of the ball, I'm concerned about the offensive line. The Chargers have downgraded at LG from Kris Dielman to the unproven Tyronne Green. They've downgraded at LT from Marcus McNeill to either the inconsistent Jared Gaither (who couldn't cut it with the Raiders or Chiefs last season) or rookie UDFA Mike Harris. Mario Henderson is an experiment, and I honesty like what I've seen from Anthony Davis more.

On the defensive side of the ball, I'm actually quite confident. The only thing that worries me is the potential damage caused by injuries. An injury or two in the secondary could be devastating. I also am not crazy about the idea of Jonas Mouton being a starter if Takeo Spikes can't stay on the field.

johnpurcell21 asked: From our current roster who will get extended this yr.?

Here are the starters that are not currently under contract for next season:

  • Antoine Cason
  • Malcom Floyd
  • Tyronne Green
  • Quentin Jammer
  • Nate Kaeding
  • Shaun Phillips
  • Louis Vasquez
  • Mike Windt
The guys on that list that I could not possibly seeing the Chargers parting ways with are Jammer, Phillips and Vasquez.

deicaza asked: Thomas, Martin or Liuget... who has looked better thus far on training camp?

They all have looked good, but Corey Liuget is the only one that looks like he could be dominant.

ArrowheadPride asked: Did every AFC West team get better from last year to now? Who didn't?

HI JOEL! *swoon*

I'm not as high on the Raiders as others are. I think they took a step back in losing Michael Bush and Jason Campbell. I think the Dennis Allen hiring is a mistake. They're going to lose Rolando McClain at some point. Not a lot of good on that team outside of people just assuming that Carson Palmer will be better than he was with the Bengals.

Outside of them, though, every other AFC West team got better. Pretty significantly, too.

GORDITOE1NE asked: will you be attending the MNF game this year?

Maybe! I do quite enjoy MNF games, probably because I prefer to start drinking at 2pm to 10am, so that's always one that can rope me in. If I do go, there will be booze before and during the game. There will also be much cheering and probably a few screamed expletives. Take THAT, slaves to the press box.

Kwam_E asked: do you really think Clary is good?

I don't think Jeromey Clary is good, but I think he's an adequate Right Tackle and a good leader. Right Tackle is one of those positions where I want an adequate and inexpensive player that can bring other things of value to the table. Teams that spend big money on Right Tackles always regret it.

koolthingG asked: Does Liuget look like he can be a force on the line this year?

He does. Even when he's not on field, he physically looks more imposing. His lower-body is absurdly large. I think it was Wonko that said, when seeing Liuget at practice on Sunday, "That man's body is an insult to proportions." It is rather insane how large his legs are. Now we just have to hope that the technique catches up to the physical gifts.

GeorgeLawman asked: Lee have any chance at roster spot, doesn't he have more upside than Whitehurst?

No and no. Jarrett Lee's best hope is a spot on the Chargers' practice squad, where he can wait around to take Charlie Whitehurst's spot after Charlie retires from football to run away with me to an island where our love is normal and you're the ones that are freaks.

sofly129 asked: you thing tight end green was a waste of a draft pick?

Nooooooo. Are you crazy? Antonio Gates won't last forever, but he's around long enough for them to get a project and turn him into a Gates-like dominating receiver. Very few TEs can be that guy, they don't have the skillset, but Green can be. It's a pick that probably won't show much return until 2013, but that doesn't mean that it's not still a very good pick.

ryanbrown77 asked: odds V. Brown is starting by mid-season (by choice, not injury)?

I give it about a 30% chance of happening, but I think it would take an injury to open the spot anyway. His play when given the opportunity could allow him to keep the spot when Floyd or Meachem were to return.