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San Diego Chargers Fantasy Football Sleeper: Le'Ron McClain

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As soon as news broke that Ryan Mathews had broken his collarbone, an injury that can sometimes take a while to come back from, the fantasy football gurus were undoubtedly changing how they thought about the San Diego Chargers offense and running game.

Me and my optimism believe that the committee can fill in for Mathews. Sure, he may have size, strength, speed and hands, but the other guys have those things. Le'Ron McClain has size and strength. Curtis Brinkley has speed and hands. Ronnie Brown has a little bit of everything.

The big question facing the Chargers running game before this season was whether Mathews could be as efficient with goal line carries as Mike Tolbert was last year. Until Ryan is healthy enough for us to find out, the question is who is the Chargers goal line running back? My money is on Le'Ron McClain and, in an offense that has at least 4 really good wide receivers and a hall of fame Tight End, he should be able to rack up quite a few touchdowns in a short period of time to start the season.

Editor's Note: Seeing that I'm 3 weeks younger than McClain, who is an NFL veteran, just made me feel really old.

Le'Ron McClain

#33 / Fullback / San Diego Chargers



Dec 27, 1984