1st Quarter Film Study

Watched some Chargers 1st team action on my dvr slow-mo through every play. Here is what I surmised.


  • Melvin Ingram was constantly in on plays and going against the starter LT Newhouse. He got good penetration and even forced an interception. He looks like the real deal, and showed versatility to rush, stop run, and even cover (although didn't look greta in coverage looked pretty good everywhere else.
  • Donald Butler was cracking heads with bigger O-lineman and getting good penetration, he once clogged up a whole by himself by blasting the LG TJ Lang back into Starks and eventually giving way for Luiget to make tackle. Also looked very improved in coverage (one play where if Harrell hadn't thrown behind WR Butler would have been in his face with a crushing hit).
  • Corey Liuget was most impressive player on D-line anchoring well against double teams and making a few tackles in the hole , shedding his guy and wrapping up. Still waiting for more from the pass rush from him but as a 3-4 DE if he clogs holes he is doing his job especially if it is a double team.
  • Shaun Phillips looks as good as ever getting into the backfield on running downs and causing havoc in backfield. Gives the OT a handful to deal with. Bug year for him with Ingram pushing him from behind as well as Barnes.
  • Mike Harris anchored and protected well as a NFL LT. He looks big and strong enough to play but lacks the athleticism necessary for a big time LT.
  • Shareece Wright and Darrell Stuckey on special teams were getting into PR face on punt, and forced a fumble together on kickoff with a tackle by Stuckey and a jarring blow from Wright to force fumble.
  • Atari Bigby didn't mess up too bad in secondary except on one third down where he played the TE to far off and gave up a first down on packers first series.
  • Kendall Reyes looked alright getting in on a few running plays and running Aaron Rodgers into a throw away. Looked strong against first team Packers O-line.
  • Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates connection looked on with a nice TE pop play to open game for six yards, and then a 20-yard TD on a post with him in the slot. He still doesn't look like 2004-2006 Gates, but these two need to be on without VJ back.
  • Vincent Brown isn't fast and he isn't big but he can catch and run routes with great effectiveness, he can be a WR target we count on if things don't go as planned with Royal or Meachem or if (and when) Floyd goes down.


  • Jeromey Clary got blown past a few times, one of which led to a sack of Phillip Rivers. He needs to be able anchor better and not get pushed into pocket. Struggled a lot last year and did so again in limited action today. Also (not his fault) on Mathews play his sprawled legs tripped Mathews who braced with his arm and broke his clavicle after AJ Hawk landing on him.
  • Mike Harris was less than stellar in run blocking and left McClain a lot of work to pick up when he came to try to open holes. Could be the main blame for failure to run ball well enough throughout game to left.
  • Nick Hardwick was knocked back into Phillip Rivers on Phil's TD throw to Gates but didn't seem to bother Rivers much.
  • Randy McMichael looked pretty bad in run blocking and was shoved to the ground at one point on he Mathews screen.
  • Ryan Mathews braced for hit with arm extended, something that a good NFL RB knows not to do when going to the ground. It'll be a tough road back and even when he is back, then what?
  • Nick Novak may have screwed himself in this Kicker "battle" with a missed FG inside 40 yards.

  • Phillip's INT: Originally wanted McMichael on seam route but he got double teamed, and Rivers checked down to the hook almost quick enough to catch the CB off guard. Throw was just a tad bit late and Tramon was able to jump the route. If he had thrown outside shoulder it would've still been a pick just a nice read by Tramon. Phil's got to either check to that faster or see that his guy is covered and hit the flats.

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