Preseason Game 1 First Quarter Review

I re-watched the first quarter at super-slow speed. Here are my notes. This is based on the TV broadcast, so my focus is on what I could see on the screen.

Offense First Possession

1 Pass

Hardwick and Green double-team. Vasquez and Clary double-team, Clary picks up edge rush. Mathews tries to chip outside. Harris left 1-on-1, gets beat inside. Green tries to slide over, but would have been late if Rivers held the ball. 5 yard pass to Gates. Meachem also open short over the middle.

2 Pass

Green, Vasquez, and Hardwick handle their guys. Harris beat again inside, McMichael picks him up. Rivers held the ball a bit too long, Clary lost position, sack. Rivers may have had Meachem short over the middle but was looking downfield.

3 Run

Hardwick and Harris get to second level, can't pick up LBs. Brown does well. McMichael falls down but gets the block. McClain picks up inside rush. Clary falls but gets the block. Mathew trips and Hardwick's LB makes the tackle. Mathew manages to gain a couple yards while falling.

4 Screen

Both tackles look kind of bad. Vasquez and Hardwick break free to block downfield. Green cleans up a pursuer. Hardwick whiffs a bit on the LB and they all fall down. Brown does well enough.

5 Run

Clary gets beat; still can't handle speed. Brown follows McMichael and Green inside, falls forward for a couple. Not much of a hole.

6 Run

Vasquez pulls and picks up LB on the left. Clary, Hardwick, Green, Harris get their blocks. McMichael does well enough on the right. Floyd has his CB handled. McClain runs right into the pile, gets a couple. Had the edge, but doesn't have the quickness I guess.

7 Pass

Nice clean pocket. Clary does well using his strength to turn the rusher. Vasquez handles BJ Raji on his own. Hardwick and Green double up again. Harris gets help from McMichael but didn't really need it. Gates short of the first, Brown in the flat, and Meachem outside (offscreen, so no idea how he's doing). Rivers stares down Floyd the whole way. Incomplete on an overthrow. Kind of have to blame Rivers there.

8 Punt

Nice coverage, great kick. Stuckey and Wright are awesome special teamers.

First Defensive Series

1 Pass

R-L Phillips, Liuget, Garay, Martin, Ingram. Ingram drops back while Phillips shows blitz. Phillips plants his shoulder and drives the LT back. Garay pulls left on a stunt, Liuget crosses under. Phillips comes clear when the LT slides to pick up Garay off the edge, but trips. Ingram's guy (Starks) drops the pass, had Ingram beat in coverage.

2 Run

Now it's Barnes, Liuget, Martin, and Phillips with hands down. Spikes and Butler at ILB. Phillips can't set the edge. Martin gets some push but can't come clear. Jammer comes in from the edge and trips the RB. Spikes cleans up. The RG is pulling the RB forward while Spikes pulls backward. Kind of funny. Butler is tackled by a WR.

3 Pass

Williams in for Spikes on 3rd down. Interesting DL alignment with the DTs playing 3-Tech, no NT. Barnes, hand on the ground, drops into coverage while the coverage LB Williams blitzes on the other side. Preseason... Butler blitzes on a delay. Rodgers throws complete to the position just vacated by Butler and in front of Bigby. The corners are playing soft and there are a lot of open guys underneath, which would be fine if Bigby was in position to make the tackle before the first down line. He is not, and GB converts.

4 Pass

Same defense with Williams in for Spikes. Phillips recovers from the play fake and is able to chase Rodgers to the sideline where he throws it away. Butler was also quick to recover and drop into coverage.

5 Run

Back to the base defense. Ingram now in at ROLB, Phillips at LOLB. Ingram drops into coverage again and looks kind of lost on the run play. Garay is doubled. Spikes comes up and wraps the RB. Butler and Bigby jump in, Liuget leaps on top, etc. Big pile.

6 Pass

Williams back in on 3rd down. Wright blitzes. Corners are again playing 5 yards back and Rodgers hits his WR in front of Cason for the first down.

7 Run

Back to base. Starks just drops the ball on the handoff. Ingram has his TE beat. Bigby dives in for the recovery. Chargers ball.

Offense Second Possession

1 Run

Clary and Harris do well. Hardwick slip out to the second level but doesn't get his LB. Gates and McMichael also miss their blocks and Brown is surrounded. Can't blame him for that one; if the blockers can even slow down their guys he gets some decent yards. As it is, he goes for three.

2 Pass

Clary again uses his strength to keep his guy away from Rivers, but struggles with speed. Harris gets help from McMichael, doesn't really need it. Vasquez slides to help Clary, who recovers on his own, and Hardwick is left to deal with the NT. Hardwick is pushed back toward Rivers. Gates beats his coverage and gets the TD. Meachem was also pretty open at the goal line.

Second Defensive Series

Well, not really. Kickoff fumble. Stuckey wrapped up the return man from behind, and Wright came in with his helmet to the gut to knock the ball loose. Nice instincts from Cattouse to jump on it.

Third Offensive Possession

1 Run

The line gets a pretty good push but the hole closes quickly. McClain tries to clear it but doesn't move any bodies. Hayes follows and goes nowhere. Vincent Brown seems to be in for the run plays a lot.

2 Pass

Harris gets beat outside, but recovers enough as Rivers steps up to throw. Rivers forced the ball into tight coverage on Meachem. Looks on the eventual review like Rivers was late on the throw, possibly unsure of where Meachem was going to go. May have had Brown on the flat, but the coverage was very good all around, playing inside tech on the WRs running inside routes, and double coverage on McMichael and Spurlock in the end zone.

Third Defensive Series

1 Pass

Reyes in at RDE. Ingram has a great punch on his initial rush and staggers his guy. Phillips beats the TE but gets caught up. Reyes is very quick to reverse direction when Rodgers scrambles, chases him to the sideline where he has to throw it away. Liuget did well to get back up after falling and pursue, playing safety in case Rodgers reverses direction on Reyes.

2 Run

Draw play. Ingram is again lined up with the ILBs. Butler and Spikes blow right through the hole and are not fooled by Rodgers, but can't wrap up the RB going the other way. Ingram initially misplays the runner and gets caught up by a blocker, but gets free to wrap up the RB after Bigby funnels him inside. Weddle plays it well and is there to help Ingram (the safeties did a great job of working together here, each taking one side of the pile). Big pile up and Cesaire tries to tackle Weddle.

3 Pass

Nice camera work, ESPN. Showing the booth at the snap. Another third down, and the corners are again playing well off the line. Butler and Williams Blitz and Butler is unblocked. Rodgers gets rid of it. 4th down.

Fourth Offensive Possession

1 Run

Hayes drops the snap. Prior to that, Harris couldn't set his block and McClain came in to cover. The blitzing corner is unblocked. GB recovers the fumble.

Fourth Defensive Series

1 Run

Ingram comes in clean but gets held and can't wrap up the RB. Garay comes off his blocker but also can't wrap up. Liuget comes free, wraps up, and falls down with the RB. Nice play. Most of this was behind the line, too. Minimal gain.

2 Offside Penalty

Liuget gets fooled.

3 Run

Ingram comes through fairly clean and hits the runner. Weddle wraps up and gets some help from Reyes on the tackle at the LOS.

4 Pass

Spikes is in on 3rd down. Ingram throws his guy to the ground and is pulled down, then gets tackled by a blitzing Butler. Phillips is held. Cason had good position and swatted at the ball, but simply missed. Oof. At least he wasn't beat, but you want to see him get a hand on it there. Looked like he miss-timed it. Luckily the receiver dropped it in the end zone. Flag on the Ingram hold anyway.

5 Pass

4th down. Ingram again beat his guy easily and hit Rodgers as he threw. Butler once again came on a delayed blitz. Wonder if Pagano picked that up from his brother? Cason sees the bad throw and goes up for it. It's 4th down, so he should have swatted it. Comes down with it and the offense starts 20 yards back from the original LOS. But hey, it's a turnover.

Fifth Offensive Possession

1 Run

Hello, backups. Hadnot at center. Brown doesn't get a lot of room to run, and appeared to pick the wrong hole as he didn't follow McClain into the bigger gap. Couple yards. Could have been a couple more.

2 Screen

Free rusher up the middle, and Brown does a good enough job slowing him down, but can't make it out to the flat in time to catch the ball. The play probably works if he doesn't have to pick up the rusher by himself.

3 Pass

Strangely short routes on 3rd and 8. Spurlock catches the poor pass from Lee but can't do much with it as he's well short of the line. Pretty good stiff-arm though. Like to see that from receivers. Embree has a nice block.

4 Punt

Muffed, but recovered by GB. Worth mentioning because Wright again made the play.

Fifth Defensive Series

1 Run

Ingram again lined up off the line. Phillips beats his guy and hits the RB. Liuget turns his blocker and throws his shoulder into the RB. Nice play.

2 Pass

Corners well off again, and GB goes right back to the comeback route in front of the DBs but the WR can't bring it down. Picking on Cason all quarter.

3 Pass

3rd down. Spikes is in. Wright gets his hands on the slot receiver but can't get in position to make a play on the ball. Receiver can't bring it down. Poor throws this series from Harrell. 4th down.

Sixth Offensive Possession

1 Pass

Spurlock and Brown at WR. Hayes in the backfield. Nice play action fake and Brown is open on the sideline comeback. Nice pass from Lee.

2 Run

Clary, Vasquez, Green, and Harris are still in. They're looking a lot better now that BJ Raji is on the bench. Nobody picks up the blitzing safety though and Hayes is tackled at the line.

End of first quarter.

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