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Chargers to sign former SDSU Aztec QB Kevin O'Connell

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The latest contestant in the Chargers Camp-Body Quarterback Sweepstakes® seems to be former San Diego State Aztec Quarterback Kevin O'Connell. The Chargers announced that they have come to terms with the 27-year-old QB Sunday evening, but he won't be signed to the team until he passes his physical, which is expected to happen on Monday. Not a problem though as the team won't be on the field again until Tuesday.

Kevin O'Connell was already on John Gennaro's list of potential backup QBs that could fill in for Charlie Whitehurst during Training Camp. Said our fearless leader, "I'd be alright with him."

If you're anything like Sam (sdsuaztec4) then you already know that O'Connell was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 3rd round of the 2008 NFL Draft. He appeared in one regular season game for the Patriots in 2008, completing 3 of the 4 passes he threw in that game against the Dolphins.

Before the 2009 season, the Patriots waived O'Connell and he was picked up by the Detroit Lions, then traded 5 days later to the New York Jets for a 7th-round draft pick. The Jets released him before the start of the 2010 season when it was discovered he had a torn labrum in his throwing arm, which would require surgery. He was resigned to the Jets in a two year deal before being released a year later, where the Dolphins then picked him up for a month. After the Dolphins waived him, the Jets took him back.

So he's been around the league a bit, making stops at 3 of the 4 AFC East teams. Hopefully he can last longer than the one day of practice Kyle Boller had in him. If he lasts two days before retiring, looks like we'll be in good shape.

Kevin O'Connell

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May 25, 1985

San Diego State