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Chargers Flag Football: Closing Arguments, Raider Haters

That's right, Antonio. The Raider Haters are number one.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
That's right, Antonio. The Raider Haters are number one. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So, John is unwilling to admit his error and select a 7th defender and will instead ask you guys to vote on teams that will play with six defenders against seven offensive players. Oh well, Here are the final teams:

Hat Eaters Raider Haters
Shaun Phillips Melvin Ingram
Eric Weddle Antonio Gates
Malcom Floyd Ryan Mathews
Eddie Royal Robert Meachem
Ladarius Green Nick Hardwick
Jared Gaither Marcus Gilchrist
Philip Rivers (QB) Philip Rivers (QB)

After the jump, I'll break down the position that each Raider Hater will play on offense and defense.


QB: Philip Rivers

RB: Ryan Mathews

WR: Robert Meachem, Marcus Gilchrist

TE: Antonio Gates

H-Back: Melvin Ingram

C: Nick Hardwick

Unlike the Hat Eaters, the only players we have playing out of position are Marcus Gilchrist and Melvin Ingram. Both players have the physical tools to do what they're being asked and are surrounded by the best players the Chargers offense has to offer.

Thanks to having Hardwick at center (which will allow us to use a pure shotgun offense) and John's rule disallowing defenders to jam receivers at the line, there is basically no chance for John's defense to get to the quarterback. There is literally not one player on the Hat Eaters that can be expected to cover Antonio Gates one-on-one and thanks to the six defender rule it is not possible to double cover.

Ryan Mathews also gives our offense a dimension that is completely lacking on the Hat Eaters: a home run threat out of the backfield. Also, Melvin Ingram playing H-Back allows us to move him around and get advantageous matchups all day long.


NT: Nick Hardwick

LB: Melvin Ingram

CB: Marcus Gilchrist, Robert Meachem

Nickel: Ryan Mathews

Safety: Antonio Gates

Because we chose more pure athletes than the Hat Eaters (who focused more on height for some reason), our defense composed primarily of offensive players is more versatile than John's. Our biggest advantage, though, is that John's team lacks a real center. Hardwick will line up directly over Gaither leaving Ingram to be blocked by either a defensive player or a receiver* that isn't much of a blocker.

The biggest reason this will work is because the Hat Eaters cannot expect clean snaps from center. This gives Ingram that additional step and it takes their entire offense out of rhythm. John will be forced to keep one of his eligible receivers in to block way more often than he'd like because any attempt at running plays from shotgun will incredibly risky.

Gates will be the deep man on plays where we don't run cover zero, but for the most part that's what we'll be left to do thanks to the six defender rule.


You're free to vote against John because of his refusal to follow through on eating a hat, or because he took the first pick in every round, or because he hates freedom. However, I ask that you vote for me because I drafted a better team, gave better reasoning for how and why they would win and because you HATE THE RAIDERS. If you insist on that vote being anti-John, think of it as voting against him for drafting a lesser team and failing to offer a compelling argument as to how they could win.

*Green is a receiver more than a tight end. The man can't block.