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San Diego Chargers Open Training Camp (Kinda)


Today was like a "soft opening" for the San Diego Chargers 2012 training camp. The only people required to show up before Thursday are rookies and "select veterans", which usually means guys that ended last season on the IR.

These three days are meant to get rookies up to speed with the rest of the team, and many of the team's free agent signings are around to do the same thing. The guys that were injured last year are being examined by doctors to ensure that they're healthy, and then being watched by the coaching staff as they practice.

New Managing Editor Ricky Henne has a twitter account and spent the day posting pictures of some of the players that were around Chargers Park, including:

  • Philip Rivers
  • Charlie Whitehurst
  • Kendall Reyes (rookie)
  • Jackie Battle
  • Larry English
  • David Molk (rookie)
  • Melvin Ingram (rookie)
  • Roscoe Parrish
Don't worry, the rest of the rookies were there too. They'll be spending most of this week inside the film room, getting coached up, and then showing what they've learned during practice sessions.

Saturday will be the first practice that is open to the public. Here is the full schedule of preseason practices that fans can attend.