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Chargers Flag Football Selection: Jared Gaither

The final piece of my team's puzzle is more monster than man.
The final piece of my team's puzzle is more monster than man.

With my final pick in this fictional flag football game, I had two goals.

  1. Find a way to keep Melvin Ingram from getting to the Quarterback.
  2. Create another mismatch.

Most NFL teams will tell you that it's most-skilled pass protector is their starting Left Tackle. While Nick Hardwick may be more important to the Chargers' offensive line because he's the one identifying blitzers, that's a skill that won't be of much use in a flag football game. Jared Gaither is the best possible option for stopping, or at least slowing down, the Bolts' rookie pass-rusher.

Gaither also holds the distinction of being the tallest player on the San Diego Chargers roster and will be able to affect the opposing offense simply by standing in front of Philip Rivers with his arms raised.

Check out this handy chart of my team's height advantage over Richard's.

Hat Eaters Raiders Haters
Jared Gaither - 6'9" Nick Hardwick - 6'4"
Ladarius Green - 6'6" Antonio Gates - 6'4"
Malcom Floyd - 6'5" Robert Meachem - 6'2"
Shaun Phillips - 6'3" Melvin Ingram - 6'2"
Eric Weddle - 5'11" Ryan Mathews - 6'0"
Eddie Royal - 5'10" Some Short Guy - short

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