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Rumors: Kris Dielman, Free Agent, is Considering Un-Retiring

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Earlier today, while digging through the news that San Diego Chargers had signed Aubrayo Franklin to a one-year contract, I saw a random footnote that said that the team had released Kris Dielman from the Retirement List. I didn't know what this meant, but I figured it was just par for the course.

However, a few hours later....

and then....

Now, if we want to read way too far into this (and we do), we can blame David Chao. Obviously, after screwing up the situation with Kris' concussion in New York (leading to his seizure on the plane ride home), Dielman didn't trust him or the Chargers training staff and decided to retire so that he wouldn't be under their care anymore.

Or not. Maybe he said he wanted to come back and the team told him that they already had a Left Guard. Maybe he hasn't thought about it until hearing that he had been released and had a change of heart. Either way, Kris Dielman might be back in the NFL and, if he is, I hope he ends up back on the Chargers.

Update: Nevermind, he's probably just suing David Chao.