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San Diego Chargers: Should We Worry About the Secondary?

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Slow news day, so our buddies at SBNation did a ranking of the secondaries in the NFL by team. If you're a fan of the San Diego Chargers, it's not pretty:

25. San Diego Chargers

Best Player: Antoine Cason

Cason and Quentin Jammer both had down years in 2011, part of which could be attributed to the lack of pressure from the front of San Diego's defense. According to Pro Football Focus' numbers, Cason's coverage grade flatlined at zero last year, after leading the team at 6.4 the year before. Jammer really fell off, and at age 33, the declining numbers signal a trend. Norv Turner has to hope that Marcus Gilchrist can improve in his second season, showing enough to work his way into the rotation on the outside. Shareece Wright is another second-year player hoping for a mulligan.

25th. Ranked behind the New England Patriots, who sometimes grab fans out of the seats of a home game and let them play Cornerback for a while. Yeesh.

We've heard the Chargers side of things. Jammer was going through a divorce. Cason and Greg Manusky didn't mesh well. Wright was raw. Gilchrist was too young. The pass rush was atrocious. The question is, are these legitimate reasons or are they just excuses? Should Chargers fans be worried about the secondary?