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Chargers Flag Football Selection: Ladarius Green

A 6'6" nightmare for Richard's defense.
A 6'6" nightmare for Richard's defense.

I like matchups. In building a roster, I like to find mismatches and exploit them. I'm bit like Norv Turner (or maybe A.J. Smith) that way. That's why, however unproven he may be against professional Cornerbacks or Safeties (of which there are currently none on Richard's team), my selection is Ladarius Green.

The 6'6" rookie Tight End is the tallest receiving threat that is expected to make the 2012 San Diego Chargers roster. Malcom Floyd, at 6'5", is the second tallest. Both guys have long strides, soft hands and show good body-positioning on jump balls. Richard's tallest player is Antonio Gates, at 6'4", who probably can't stay with Floyd or Green in coverage. The height advantage is mine, all mine!

During the course of writing this, with only one pick left for me and two left for Richard, we started talking about matchups. Specifically, my defense against his offense. I figure it would look something like this:

  • Shaun Phillips vs. Melvin Ingram
  • Eddie Royal vs. Ryan Mathews
  • Eric Weddle vs. Robert Meachem
  • Malcom Floyd vs. Antonio Gates
  • Ladarius Green vs. ??????

I don't mind those. Each matchup is pretty even. What Floyd gives up to Gates on defense, he'll get back on offense. It's going to be hard for Richard to find anyone on the roster that can cover Green (unless he uses Meachem, in which case he'll need someone to cover Royal).

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