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Chargers Flag Football Selection: Robert Meachem

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Having decided to spend his fourth pick on Eddie Royal, John declared that flag football is all about speed. I don't completely disagree with that assessment and Royal with his 4.39 40 time is certainly fast, but there was something about the pick that seemed off. At first I couldn't put my finger on it, but then it came to me. The Chargers have more than one receiver that runs a 4.39 40 and Eddie Royal is not the best one available.

With the 8th overall pick, the Raider Haters select WR Robert Meachem. The former New Orleans Saint ran the 40 in the same amount of time as Eddie Royal, but he's taller, has a higher vertical leap and is a much better football player.

Eddie Royal's best season as a pro wasn't as productive either on a per play or overall basis as Robert Meachem's worst season. This season, Meachem will most likely be the #1 receiver on the Chargers (unless you care to include his Raider Haters teammate, TE Antonio Gates) ahead of both Royal and Malcom Floyd.

Meachem isn't just being selected to point out that John took the wrong speed receiver (which you guys probably already knew because you're smarter about this sort of thing than John), but also to prevent him from getting both speed receivers* on his team and leaving mine without a counter.

We already have the best intermediate threat in Gates and the best running back / underneath receiver in Ryan Mathews, but we were clearly missing a deep threat and Robert Meachem is not just the best one left on the board, but the best one on the team.

Somebody tell me how you select two receivers without taking the #1 guy on the team. Am I dying? John, are you letting me win because you think I'm dying?**

*in the event he wised up or somebody helped him with his next pick

**I'm pretty sure I'm not dying except in the sense that we all are. I refrained from quoting Fight Club there. Just barely.

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