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Chargers Flag Football Selection: Eddie Royal

Speed, speed, speed.
Speed, speed, speed.

So flag football is all about speed, huh? Well, then, I select WR/KR Eddie Royal with my fourth selection. The Hat Eaters* are happy to add Royal, arguably the fastest guy on the team, to their roster.

My team is now armed with the best jump-ball receiver on the San Diego Chargers, who is also the longest-striding receiver on the team, and the fastest receiver as well. In addition to being a downfield threat, Royal can split time with Eric Weddle as my team's Running Back (both have experience running with the football) since breaking tackles doesn't matter.

While some prefer Richard's selection of Melvin Ingram over Shaun Phillips, Ingram has yet to prove that he's capable of going up against NFL competition on either side of the ball. Shaun should have no issue getting to the Quarterback against...well, we haven't picked linemen yet. He'll also be a threat to catch a pass on offense.

The one thing Richard's team currently lacks the most is speed. Antonio Gates can get open, but where's the big play coming from? Ryan Mathews is a threat to fumble the ball every time he touches it, and his speed can be matched by both Royal and Weddle. I also don't see him being much of a downfield threat. Jumpballs will belong to Floyd, no matter if they're thrown to him or not.

I actually like my team. Each player is a threat on both sides of the ball, and they each bring something to the table that nobody else on the team does. We'll see if I feel the same way after my final two picks (and Richard's final three).

*I promised to eat a hat at some point this offseason and I intend to. Honestly, I'm just waiting until everyone is back from fawning over other sports so that I can have the largest audience possible.

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