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Chargers Flag Football Selection: Ryan Mathews

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So, our fearless leader used pick 5 (his third pick) to choose a guy that he thinks is the potentially the best* flag football player in the entire league. You can draw one of a couple conclusions from this outrageous statement:

1) John really does think Malcom Floyd was the best player on the Chargers to build a flag football team around and he still waited until the third round to draft him because he's dumb.

2) John knows Malcom Floyd isn't even the best receiver on the Chargers to build a flag football team around and he only claimed that because he thinks you're dumb.

But enough about the Hat Eaters** and their terrible draft picks. We're here to announce the newest member of the Raider Haters*** and his name is Ryan Mathews.

Ryan Mathews was a top five running back in the NFL last season and is the only real starting caliber running back on the Chargers. Some will point to his fumbling issues or his inability to stay healthy, but realize that even with his playing time limited and accounting for the negative value of the fumbles, Ryan Mathews was 2nd in the AFC in combined rushing and receiving Defense-Adjusted Yards Above Replacement. According to John, we don't have to worry about injuries in this game**** so there goes that concern.

And is he really going to ask his team to go for the strip in a non-contact game instead of trying to grab the flag? Seriously? Not too many guys can hang with Mathews' athleticism in the first place. They're only going to get one chance at that flag before he's gone and they're going to waste it swatting at the ball as he runs by. Go ahead.

Recapping the pick: what we have in this pick is an elite playmaker and the only one available at running back. The Chargers have three players not named Philip Rivers that can claim to be one of the top five players at their position: Antonio Gates, Eric Weddle and Ryan Mathews. I got two of them: the best receiver and the best running back on the team. They'll both be improved by getting to work with Philip Rivers while John's elite safety will actually be neutralized by him.

Of course, you guys already knew all that, but we have to explain it to John.

*Granted he immediately backed down when a reader pointed out who some of the other players in the league are.

**Anyone know why he named his team after a lie? That's just weird.

***You do hate the Raiders. Don't you?

****Way to make up that rule after selecting the most injury prone player on the team outside of Larry English. I'll bet he takes English this afternoon.

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