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Chargers Flag Football Selection: Malcom Floyd

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Before you ask, I will not be stooping down to the level of my opponent, the one that has banned and/or warned so many of you with no more reason than that he enjoys causing you pain. I will not play his games. Instead, my goal is to simply build a better flag football team than him. One that you simply will not be able to vote against without feeling horrible about it.

Now that I've built a strong base of talent and versatility with my selections of Shaun Phillips and Eric Weddle, it's time to bring out the big guns. It's time to choose a talent that is unmatched by anyone on the team and maybe anyone in the NFL.

This imaginary game is being played on the premise that each player is healthy and will remain healthy through the end of it. That's a little easier to imagine because it's flag football. If you could guarantee his health, could you think of a better flag football player than Malcom Floyd? I can't, and that's why he's my selection.

For my money, the strength of a flag football team lies in the ability to throw the ball downfield. Obviously, Philip Rivers has half of that equation covered. Malcom Floyd has proven time and time again that not only is he one of the best deep threats in the NFL due to his long-strides, but he's also one of the best jump-ball receivers in the league as well.

What I just added is a 6'5" long-armed, soft-handed receiver that can win every jump ball and out-run just about anybody on the team. He'll demand double-coverage on every play and even then he'll still be dominant.

Really, the only flaws in Malcom's game is that he can struggle when bumped at the line (which is against the rules of flag football) and he has a hard time staying healthy (not an issue in this imaginary gala). I would've been happy with him as the first overall pick and here I am selecting him in the third round.

This game is already over, people.

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