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BFTB After Dark: July 16, 2012

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I was digging through Sports Illustrated's site today and found this "Offseason Breakdown" of the San Diego Chargers. Each review of the Chargers seems to point out two things about their 2011 season: The pass-rush was atrocious and the secondary was terrible.

Logically, we feel as though both things can't be wrecked, right? Either the poor secondary took away opportunities from the pass rush or the poor pass rush made the secondary look awful by taking an infinite amount of time to reach the Quarterback. After watching 4-5 QBs grow full beards in the pocket last season, I'm almost positive it's the second one. (There's a third option, which is "Greg Manusky is/was really terrible", but we're ignoring that one for now.)

The Chargers can not, and could not, assume that the secondary was broken. It would've been impossible to fix both problems, and there was little in the way of proof that Antoine Cason, Marcus Gilchrist and Quentin Jammer were bad CBs. They did the right thing in focusing on the pass rush and trusting their corners. Now all we, as fans, have to do is remember that when every analyst in the world is ripping apart our secondary heading into the 2012 NFL season.

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