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Chargers Flag Football Selection: Eric Weddle

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Onto my second pick. With my first, I got a TE/WR/Pass-Rusher/LB in Shaun Phillips. I'm still looking for versatility (the specialists will come later), intelligence and proof that the person is a good football player instead of hopes and dreams (which Richard is basing his team off of).

In case you can't read the headline, my second selection is Chargers FS Eric Weddle. In four years at Utah, Eric Weddle played Safety, Cornerback, Punt Returner and Running Back. In his last year of college, Eric had 200+ rushing yards, 5 rushing TDs, 65 tackles, 1 sack, 7 interceptions and 3 defensive touchdowns. In 13 games, he had 8 total touchdowns. Versatility, thy name is Eric Weddle.

With his skills on defense, Eric will be able to cover just about any receiver or running-back in a man-to-man situation. However, I think I'll mostly use him as a Center Fielder to limit the deep passing game of my opponents' team. With his skills on offense, Eric will be both a Running Back and a potential Wide Receiver out of the backfield.

With Philip Rivers throwing the ball, Eric Weddle in the secondary and Shaun Phillips rushing the passer, I like the way my team is shaping up. Especially since Richard probably hates every other player from the Chargers' defensive secondary.

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