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Chargers Flag Football Selection: Shaun Phillips

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Let's Play Some Flag Football

Here's how I figure my flag football roster: QB is covered (Rivers), and on the offensive side I need a RB, two offensive linemen and three receivers. I guess I could also go with one offensive lineman, but I don't want to be trapped in that "seven Mississippis" crap. That rule is crap. Two offensive linemen protect the QB.

On the defensive side of the ball, I'll go with two defensive linemen, three corners and a "Wild Card" guy that can either play deep Safety or Linebacker. That seems solid.

With the first pick in the inaugural BFTB San Diego Chargers Fantasy Flag Football Gala (in the future, we'll call it the BFTBSDCFFFG), my team (The Hat-Eaters) selects Shaun Phillips.

Why Shaun Phillips? Well, for one, he's the best pass-rusher on the team and has the ball-skills and speed to hang with any RB on the roster. He's very smart, too, so he'll know when to go for the passer and when he needs to run with that RB. However, this is flag football and versatility is key.

Did you know that Shaun Phillips was an all-state Tight End in High School? It's true. He was recruited by and given a full ride to Purdue University to be a Tight End. That means he has the ability to get open and has great hands. We already know about his long arms and his speed. It also probably means that he has some experience blocking, and at 6'3" and 250lbs, he definitely has the size to hold his own on the line.

In case you're not following, here's what I just got got with my first pick: A pass-rushing beast that can cover RBs on the defensive side of the ball, and a Tight End that can block or catch on the offensive side of the ball. With a good coach (and I'd like to think I'd be a great coach), that's a weapon that can dominate any flag football game.

So, there you go. There's plenty of great players for Richard to take for his team and he'll have all-weekend to think about his pick.