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San Diego Chargers: Let's Play Some Flag Football

It's a flag.
It's a flag.

Sometimes I blatantly steal ideas from other SB Nation blogs. This is one of those times.

Like myself, Alec Shane is bored of the NFL offseason and has decided that him and another writer from Pats Pulpit will be selecting players from the 2012 Patriots team to play in a fictional flag football game. I fancy myself a pretty good eye for talent, and I have a wealth of knowledge about the 2012 San Diego Chargers roster, so I challenged Richard Wade to a similar duel and he accepted.

Here are the rules:

  • Each team has 7 players.
  • Philip Rivers plays QB for both teams (so, each team has 6 picks to use on players besides Rivers).
  • The picks will be rotate back and forth, and I get the first pick.
  • Once the teams are complete, there will be a poll where you guys get to vote on which team you think would win.
  • Loser owes the winner a beer.

The first pick will be announced in a post this afternoon and we'll each make a pick each day of next week (Monday through Friday, people). The following Monday, Richard will make his final pick in the morning and we'll hold the vote to determine the winner that afternoon/night.