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BFTB After Dark: July 12, 2012

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Today was the NFL's Supplemental Draft. A.J. Smith and the San Diego Chargers decided to follow Wonko's advice and avoided using any picks. Josh Gordon, a wirey WR with a poor track-record, was picked up by the Cleveland Browns in the second round (meaning they forfeit their 2nd round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft).

Today is also my brother's birthday. He's 31. He hasn't answered his phone all day, and I'm assuming that means he's either sleeping or drinking or doing something else fun. Birthdays are good for that. He stands no chance of ever seeing this because he has no interest in the Chargers, or sports at all for that matter. Still, I feel obligated to say a nice word or two about him, so I'll say this: He didn't beat me up all that much when we were kids, and he definitely could've. That's pretty cool of him.

(Your sibling stories are welcome in the comments, obviously.)

Today's Posts:

Mr. Lif - Live From The Plantation (via orchardmusic)