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BFTB After Dark: July 10, 2012

Oh, yeah, and the MLB All-Star Game is tonight
Oh, yeah, and the MLB All-Star Game is tonight

I'm happy that the San Diego Chargers are one of those teams that is consistently in the playoffs or nearly making the playoffs, and not one of the ones involved in top 10 picks ever year come the NFL Draft, but I really like Robert Griffin III. I liked him as a player in college, and he seems like the best interview in the NFL right now because he's intelligent enough to have quick, witty responses instead of your standard boilerplate responses.

SB Nation's Redskins site, Hogs Haven, had a chance to interview him earlier today and Griffin gave them another great interview. I know the man doesn't play on your favorite team or in the same division or even in the same conference, but I highly recommend reading through it to see if you can keep from laughing.

Also, Tom Gower (NewsToTom) apparently wrote the Chargers section of the 2012 Football Outsiders' Almanac this year and has been around our comments answering questions. Say hello to him (Hi Tom!) or ask him some techy questions. We'll be doing posts about the Almanac once I've had the chance to read through it.

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TENACIOUS D - Kickapoo (via NewLine)