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NFL Changes Afternoon Kickoff Times To Reduce Overlap

Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE
Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

NFL games that are part of a double-header on either Fox or CBS will be moved back 10 minutes this season from 1:15 PT to 1:25 PT according to a report from John Ourand of Sports Business Journal.

The kickoff times for games that are not on the double-header network will remain unchanged. The idea behind the change to double-header afternoon games' kickoff times is to reduce the amount of times fans miss the end of games when "due to contractual obligations" the network switches to the beginning of the home team's game. Fans that are not in a home team's market will also be less likely to miss the beginning of afternoon games.

When they were researching this, the NFL analyzed games from 2009-11 and found that this simple 10 minute difference would have reduced the incidence of this happening by 66% from 44 games to only 15. Roughly 40 games will be impacted by this change in 2012.