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BFTB After Dark: June 27, 2012

Today's picture is titled "Boxing".
Today's picture is titled "Boxing".

I'm going to try and set up the next two Norv Turner posts to publish automagically while I'm out of town for the next two days. The will be about Norv Turner's time as a traveling Offensive Coordinator after getting fired by the Redskins and the next will be about his two-year stint working with Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders.

I haven't even begun to write about Norv's one year in between the Raiders and Chargers gigs, when he was given the keys to Alex Smith and Frank Gore in San Francisco, and then there's the whole Chargers tenure to go over. Those will be separate posts (probably) that are coming next week.

Today's Posts:

bad religion - sorrow(live @ mtv Rock AM Ring 2002) (via elpunko)