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BFTB After Dark: June 12, 2012


Slow NFL news day, and definitely a slow news day for the San Diego Chargers. Here's a link to the daily morning links if you're too lazy to scroll down.

The Chargers signed Taylor Dever, an undrafted rookie that was released by the Cowboys on Friday, to play offensive tackle on the second team until....well, whenever the first roster cuts are scheduled for. They also released Safety Nick Polk, who was a guy.

The most exciting Chargers news, although not at all surprising, is probably that Ronnie Brown is already practicing with the 1st team on third down situations. He might be the player that I'm most looking forward to seeing during training camp practices this year.

Sports to watch tonight:

  • 6pm PT Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA Finals, Game 1)
  • 7:10pm PT San Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners (Vedder Cup, Game 1)

The Garden - Mirah (The Music Video) (via Aymagi)