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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: June 11, 2012

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Chargers give Ronnie Brown a chance - Bill Williamson
The Chargers are trying to replace the powerful Mike Tolbert, who signed with Carolina this offseason. Brown likely won’t be able to carry Tolbert’s load, but as a group the Chargers have plenty of options behind Mathews.

Chargers sign Brown for depth at RB - Kevin Acee
"It's another guy who's a playmaker," Norv Turner said. "It's another guy who's experienced. He obviously gives us competition, gives us a guy who's been very good in the third-down, two-minute type situations. I'm anxious to get Ronnie in here and get to work."

Banks tries out with Bolts, has "already won" - Michael Gehlken
A month ago, Brian Banks couldn't legally walk in a park. On Friday afternoon, the exonerated linebacker worked out on one. Banks tried out at Chargers Park in front of the team's coaching staff, sprinting through drills in hopes of earning an extended NFL opportunity.

San Diego's teams stink, but at least the Celtics lost - Kevin Acee
I think it’s that, maybe like many of my fellow inhabitants of America’s Faintest Sports City, I’ve been reduced to the ultimate loser's salvation – rooting for other people to fail.

Mailbag: Could K.C. leave the division? - Bill Williamson
If the Bills or the Jaguars end up out West, eventually something would have to be done and because the Chiefs are the furthest East team in the division, an eventual move from the AFC West could be a possibility. Again, it’s down the road. If that happens, it would be a shame.