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BFTB After Dark: June 1, 2012

I heard people like Lauren Tannehill.
I heard people like Lauren Tannehill.

Oh, Jeff can burn in hell. I had The Song That Doesn't End stuck in my head all afternoon after looking at the title of his post. It's been hours now and I keep catching myself singing it. I'm going to turn out like Robert Schumann.

As for stuff to watch that you could chat about in the comments below, there's plenty. You could watch the Celtics take on the Heat in the NBA Playoffs (5:30pm PT), or you could tune in to what will probably be Yasmani Grandal's major league debut with the San Diego Padres (7pm PT).

There's also probably some other non-sports related TV on. Go ahead and feel free to talk about the Hatfields & McCoys (which I haven't watched yet) or Breaking Bad (which creanium hasn't completed yet), but try to avoid spoilers. Or don't. Whatever. I'll be at the Padres game.

Today's Posts:

Tegan and Sara - Someday (via musicayarte8)