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Follow the New Chargers

Y U No Twitter JJ?
Y U No Twitter JJ?

If you haven't yet updated your twitter feed to track the new Chargers, here is a handy list!

Chargers Free Agents

Player Twitter Handle Notes
Robert Meachem No Twitter
Jarret Johnson No Twitter
Le'Ron McClain @LeRon_McClain33 #sweater
Eddie Royal @eddieroyal19
Atari Bigby @20ataribigby
Charlie Whitehurst @realwhitehurst Not very active
Dante Rosario @DanteRosario49
Micheal Spurlock @michealspurlock Not very active
Mario Henderson @mariohenderson
Rex Hadnot No Twitter

Chargers Draft Class

Player Twitter Handle Notes
Melvin Ingram @MelvinIngram
Kendall Reyes @Kendall_Reyes
Brandon Taylor No Twitter
Ladarius Green @kingGREEN_89
Johnnie Troutman @J_Trout74
David Molk @dmolk Not very active
Edwin Baker @E_Baker4