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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: May 7, 2012

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Chargers: One big question - Bill Williamson
Did the Chargers do enough on defense? If the San Diego Chargers are going to end a two-year playoff drought and coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith are going to save their jobs, the defense must make strides.

2011 Run Stop Percentages: Cornerbacks - Khaled Elsayed
There’s more to playing the run then just making defensive stops. Cornerbacks can do just as good a job as linebackers or defensive linemen at beating or standing up receivers and forcing runners to alter their path. Looking at these run stops, though, helps shed some light on an under-recognized part of their game.

Chargers interested in Florence reunion - Michael Gehlken
Drayton Florence could be coming back to San Diego. The Chargers hope so, anyway.

A Q&A with Chargers defensive lineman Kendall Reyes - Scott Bair
Kendall Reyes cuts an imposing figure. Built at 6-foot-4 and 299 pounds, Reyes is a defensive lineman who looks the part. He's big, tough and nasty on the field.

Chargers to begin new offseason phase - Michael Gehlken
Player attendance remains voluntary, and on-field workouts can include offensive, defensive and special teams drills. No direct competition, however, is possible. According to the CBA, the offense can't drill against the defense, and vice versa. On special teams, the Chargers can practice kickoff returns, for example, but not against a coverage team.

2012 NFL Draft Report Card Report - Mike Ridley
Is there anything more enjoyable than assessing the folly of kneejerk reactions? The NFL draft concluded less than a week ago, yet the internet is already filled with draft report cards. As per tradition at Football Outsiders, we’ve gathered data from the most prestigious of those who dare to judge so quickly.

Seau paddle-out an ocean tribute to SD icon - Gretel C. Kovach
On the swells where Junior Seau spent carefree hours surfing his hometown break with friends, participants in the seaborne memorial held hands in a circle like a human garland strewn across the water, a team huddle and a last hug goodbye.