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BFTB After Dark: May 1, 2012

(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The draft has come and gone, and it made a ton of sense.

The San Diego Chargers didn't do much for the defense in free agency, rather they used most of that free agent money to free up holes left by Kris Dielman, Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson. The defense didn't have many holes because the only players that they lost were Bob Sanders (who didn't play much) and Steve Gregory (who the team didn't want as the starter).

It made sense to use the draft to try and fill holes that will be around in 2013, when guys like Luis Castillo and Shaun Phillips will be hitting free agency. Brandon Taylor was more of a "We need you to play right now" type of pick, but if he can't play now the team seems okay with Atari Bigby.

So that's where we are. Trust in the new Defensive Coordinator, hope the rookies can make for good backups, and hope that we plugged enough holes on offense.

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