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BFTB Video: Who Should the San Diego Chargers Draft?

"Who should the Chargers draft?"

In the months leading up to the NFL Draft, I get asked this question a lot. In e-mails, in comments, on Twitter and in person. It doesn't seem to matter where I am or what I'm doing, everyone wants me to give them a name of who their favorite team should or will be picking in the first round. Then they want to know if that would be a good pick, and how well the guy who isn't yet on the team will play for the team in his rookie season.

This week, I decided to answer the question in a new BFTB video. No, there is no walking in it.

As an addendum to that video, without giving too much away, view a scouting report from SB Nation about the guy that I picked for the Chargers to select with their #18 pick after the break.