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BFTB After Dark: April 5, 2012

 (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)
(Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Here at BFTB, we have a system that allows us to write posts and schedule them to be published in the future. So, while you're reading my sober words right now, I am probably less than sober and somewhere around CF of PETCO Park when this goes live. The magic of technology!

Anyway, baseball rocks. I probably know and love football better, but nothing satiates my need for sports on a daily basis quite like baseball. Did we win on Monday? A win on Tuesday means a streak! Did we lose on Monday? We'll get them back on Tuesday! There's no room for pain or suffering caused by overanalyzation until after the season is over. Which is perfect.

Out mostly-antisocial buddies over at Gaslamp Ball have you covered for the San Diego Padres. They bring a blend of comedy, inside information and general fan-like enthusiasm (that is usually lacking around these parts) to their community on a daily basis. You'll also find me over there quite often, usually testing out my material before hitting Open Mic night at The Chuckle House.

The Outfield - Your Love (via TheOutfieldVEVO)