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BFTB Video: Which is the Best Charger FA Signing?

Hooray, it's another walking video!

The video mailbag hit both a technical and legal snag earlier this week, so now I'm randomly picking questions that I was asked and turning them into slightly longer answers while I walk around town.

Today I'm answering Ferguson1015's question, which was "From what we have seen so far, what moves are you the most excited about and why?" Based on the timing of the question, I took Fergie's question to be about the new San Diego Chargers in town that A.J. Smith and Co. have brought in via free agency.

I also wore a hat. Will I eat it at the end of the video? Will I do a good job of answering Fergie's question or will I get off track? Tune in and find out!

Expect another video on Friday, probably from some better location around San Diego, and a couple next week from lovely Las Vegas. I might be drunk and/or poolside for those.

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